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The grooming process does much more than just make your pets look good.  It's one of the most basic and important steps in maintaining their good health. Grooming often provides the earliest opportunity to spot signs of allergies, tumors, abrasions, and other medical issues, helping to catch small problems before they become big ones.  It's also an essential step in keeping our pets clean and reducing the risk of bacterial infection and parasite infestation.

Our professionals have the training and solutions to address the needs of dogs and cats of all breeds, coats, and skin types. Using state-of-the-art products, they can personalize grooming regimens to fit any pet perfectly... including yours.

We offer a professional bathing service that uses the highest quality shampoos to leave your pet's coat soft and lustrous without drying out the skin.

Our pet stylists thoroughly brush out your pet's coat, distributing natural oils to keep fur and skin healthy, and removing debris and dead hair to protect against the formation of mats.

Proper dental care can extend a pet's life by up to five years. We'll help you start a dental care program that's simple to administer.

We provide beautiful haircuts to your like.

Regular ear cleaning in The Groom Room can keep your pet's ears clean and dry, helping to avoid painful and costly infections of the external ear canal.

No one likes to do this at home, so let us do it for you.  Regular clipping protects your pet from paw and joint injuries, as well as getting nails snagged on carpet or furniture.  Walk-in nail trims are welcome.

Fleas don't fight fair and neither do we.  From prevention education to bathing removal, we'll help protect you and your pet from these annoying parasites.

Other advantages
- Calm and stress-free environment at our cozy shop
-  7+ years of Veterinary Technician experience
-  Cage-free drying
-  Certified Groomer from Nash Academy of Animal Arts with about 20 years of experience
-  Flexible hours
-  You can schedule an appointment here in this form

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